Give Forward, Give Conscious Thanks

Margaret Chaney

I posted this on my sister Lindsay's "Give Forward" site this morning and wanted to keep sharing. Lindsay and Brandon are planning to attempt IVF this coming year and need a little help. Read my sisters story through her posts here.


I wanted to share my "update" as a team member today, pre Thanksgiving, as it is what I am giving thanks for this year. 



If you ask my son Trace, "If you could go anywhere in the world" or "Where is your favorite place in the world" he will say, "Aunt Lins and Uncle Brandon's House". Not Broncos stadium, not Peyton Manning's backyard.
This is the easiest way to describe Lindsay and Brandon Wiley.

I sit here, and try to pick the most important moments, reasons and stories to share with you all. The reasons Lindsay and Brandon deserve this dream to come true. The countless ways they have been there for Trace and I, and the rest of our family. My head is swirling, and I think to myself- its ALL of it.
Its the story of two people, who started out young on in marriage and this journey we call life. Some thought their young love story charmed and easy. Some thought their age (and age difference) wouldn't last.

Through the last 14 years years they have changed and stayed the same. They have grown up and grown together. I have been lucky enough to have a front row seat.

They have made a life full of family and friends that are family. They have had belly laughs, shared jokes, ugly sweater parties, hot tub dates and road trips riddled with my sister's anxiety. They have had ski days, and couch days, when Brandon sings and vacuums. They have fought over the yard, the bills, the family functions and painted the walls over and over. They have hit thousands of golf balls and shared millions of kisses. They have celebrated weddings and others' babies being born. They have mourned losses so great they don't want to wake up the next day. They have held up their family and friends when they needed it. They have fought with each other, for each other and learned to love each other more and more.

After the pain of the their failed IVF attempt in 2012, I did not think Lindsay would change her mind and try again. A part of me didn't, and still doesn't, want her to. That part of me that doesn't want to see them feel the horrible pain and loss again, if it does not work.

But you see, that is not Lindsay and Brandon's story.

Over the years I have watched Lindsay and Brandon always find a way out of the dark and helpless parts of life, to find their HOPE and keep pushing on. And they have done it while still being madly in love with each other.
And THAT is the kind of family a child should be born into. One that knows that LOVE is what carries you through this life, with all of its ups and downs. A family that sticks together and keeps trying, no matter how painful. This is a REAL family.

Please share their story, give thanks, give whatever you can, and be thankful for the greatest gifts of FAMILY and LOVE this Thanksgiving.
With much hope and love in my heart for a Wiley Baby, xo Mags

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