# 3 - NO GPS (and a spoiler alert for MagSoul!)

When was the last time you used a paper map? I always use my phone GPS, just google it, click "directions to here" and Siri will do the rest! 

Ever asked Siri for direction with a personal life map? Should I ------, Siri?


Yeah she won't help.

This leads me to a new project at MagSoul. I am so excited to unveil it. It revolves around a tradition I started, then my sister and then we have passed on to others...My "HOPE BOX"  

So the other night I pulled mine out- its full of wishes, and dreams, trinkets and letters...all little memories/adventures that made me laugh and smile, and cry, and laugh.

All adventures I had no GPS for. I just said YES. I was never afraid to take them. And they definitely did not always result in success. 

A perfect example:

Trace goes to his dads on the weekends- this weekend was a rare one for me because I spent a lot of time with friends. I have ZERO in Winston itself.

I caught a Wailers concert with a couple great friends, then I had company Saturday night that I have known since the 8th grade! (yay, I love "company").

Then I was invited to the Zoo on Sunday by my friend Phil, and I almost didn't go. I wasn't ready on time, we had no idea where we are going, we didn't google it before we got there, we had no clue what to expect...

So, of course, our lack of info resulted in us wondering how the heck to get out of this Zoo!

Do we really have to walk all the way back? Why are we so far from the entrance??? Oh my god, I did not get enough sleep or hydration for this...Is it really so late that they are putting the animals inside?

Later on Google, our 5 mile trek was revealed to us, and we found out that at over 2,000 acres, the Asheboro Zoo is the largest walk through Zoo in THE WORLD. Also, I found several reviews on how you should have all day, where to park, what shoes to wear, what water bottles you should have packed...duh.

(when we had the map. The map was NOT to scale)

It was so worth the drive. AND THE HIKE. Laughed so much, saw Baby Gorillas (seriously cute), beautiful elephants and played some Go Fish. 

I really wanted to free the elephants. (Did you know female elephants make BFFs for life??)


So my 3rd Way I will get to 30:  Say yes more!  The entire weekend was a reminder to myself of my own mantra: adventures spent with my family and friends matter more than buying a bigger tv, having lots of money, or what job I have. Fill up that Hope BOX! 

Because not many of us will travel the world, some may never leave the country. I may never get to Paris (sad face), but my advice to anyone would be to just say yes, and take even the smallest adventure. Maybe even one that doesn't have GPS. Those are the best ones. 

xo, Mags

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