#4 - 3 Life Changing Tips

Margaret Chaney

It goes hand in hand with getting older, that you realize how wise others are, and that "yes, please!", you would like their advice! 

Here are my favorite practical tips:

1. "Drink 2 glasses of water right when you wake up!" - my friend Jeremy Boone tweets this reminder daily, and I finally started listening. It has made a huge difference in how I feel in the morning, and also gets me to drink more water throughout the day. I now keep a 750 ml glass water bottle on my night stand so I can chug it as soon as I wake up. Try it! (Jeremy is an amazing person in general, full of wise words on how to "be your best" self. Follow him on twitter @AthleteByDesign)

Plus you can have an excuse to keep something this darling on your nightstand.

2. Stop Washing your hair! 

Seriously, everyone told me how they don't wash their hair every day. I never listened because it didn't make sense to me, and *my hair was awesome*. 

Then it was the victim of a walk-by cutting. (Full disclosure, I was at a salon. The amount of hair that was cut, and the timing of the cutting, is what I am referring to). I was so sad, and hated the cut. (Apologies to those who had to hear me moan about it for weeks. You know who you are.) 

So, I started wearing it up, braiding it, and not caring, therefore, stopped washing every day. Within a couple weeks, it was fantastic. It was healthy (partially due to the fact that I really needed to cut those 10 inches off), and it was soft again. I can now wash it 2 maybe 3 times a week. I can style it and it will hold for a few days until I wash it again. Its really lovely for the lazy part of me. 

When I was in NYC in November, I didn't wash my hair the whole time. It was incredible!

3. Hold hands with your feet. 

Do you ever/almost always have cold feet? I do. Almost always. 

So I had this personal yoga instructor for my back, for about 8 mos back in Colorado. She was amazing. 

And she taught me this non- yoga trick that is amazing. She said the largest place for your blood to "pool" is your calves, and then it has to travel through your tiny toes and back up to the heart. (not sure if this is medically accurate, but we will go with it). 

So you bring your opposite foot up and place on your knee, or sit on the floor and grab it. Wrap your fingers of the opposite hand in with your toes, like you are "holding hands". It can be kind of painful-uncomfortable, but hold that for 30 seconds to a minute... it opens those vessels right up and your feet will warm up!


Increase your circulation and get rid of those cold feet!

Here is an examples (stock photo, not mine haha)


Thats all :) TRY IT :) 

xo, Mags 

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  • I needed this morning water reminder! Thanks.

    Steph Warner

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