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So a couple posts ago, I gave you all a little spoiler that I am working on something new. Its really different, and its just a side project. I will still keep making scarves and skirts etc. 

I have always wanted to find a way to share love and hope. 

Several years ago, I started a "hope box" based on the traditions I read about trousseaus and the like. I am a very visual person, so I like to take it out every once in awhile, and take a walk down memory lane, or get inspired, or laugh out loud. (there are some REAL treasures in mine, including a journal from my siblings and I on vacation)

Last Sunday night, I couldn't sleep. So I pulled out my Hope Box. It has all kinds of stuff in it- letters, old jewelry, photos, notes, trace's hat from his incubator stint, special cards. Visual reminders of all the good stuff. All of my "hopes" and bits of the journey so far. 

My first hope box, broke because I was trying to keep too much in it. Too much hope??? Hardly. So I added another box.


Then I worried about the really important things- if there was a fire or emergency, I need to grab that stuff and go! So I kept a really pretty gift bag, and in it I have the important documents as well as a few of my favorite mementos, ready to go if need be. 

Then when trace had his surgery, I made the tiny pink bag out of my friends shirt, and put in a couple of photos that would give me strength, so I could keep in my pocket. 

AND IT HIT ME- I can do this. I can share this tradition with others and maybe make a difference.

This has evolved into my new project- I am so excited and happy to share this concept because I think it can bring such good to others. 


"Hope Bags"

Handmade by me, these bags are plain on the outside, with a drawstring closure, a different fabric as the lining, and a simple pocket for little treasures. They are 15 by 18 inches, from a plain durable canvas. 

However the point is not the bag- but the message. 

The tag on the front says "THIS HOPE BELONGS TO:"

You can fill it in, or we can for you. 

I wrote this poem to explain the concept and inspire the new owner. It is printed on a tag, tied to the drawstring (with the same fabric that is the lining), but can be taken off and put inside. 

Here it is upright so you can read it easily: 


My wish is that these bags can be used for holding all hopeful treasures, memories and inspirations:

for someone going through a hard time, to remind them how much hope they have,


a baby shower, in prepping for a baby's arrival or for your baby as it grows, one for each child, 

a wedding shower or to hold wedding treasures,

to hold the special memories of a loved one, or to give to someone full of memories of someone else,

to keep for yourself and treasure your memories, to show to your loved ones someday,

to give to a teen who needs reminding how awesome they are,

to fill and give to someone having surgery or medical care,


The possibilities are endless, and it makes me so happy to think about it.

Each bag will be numbered so we can track how much "HOPE" is spreading.

The linings will vary and can be customized for your special person. 

They will also come with a personal card from me, that I will release in my next post. 

 Stay tuned, they will start being listed online this week! 

XOXO- A hopeful Mags


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  • LOVE the thought and creativity in this new project! Can I pre order one? ??

    Robin Long

  • This is a truly inspired idea! I absolutely love it!

    Melissa Napier

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