#14 - A Rant

I really do not understand why people use social media for hate and bullying and voicing their crappy, mean thoughts. I think I may wage a war against it. I sincerely doubt that the mean people outnumber the kind.  Who is with me? 

I watched a TEDtalk early this morning by a woman with cerebral palsy. She is Palestinian, lives in New Jersey, and was saying how she was never bullied in school- BUT she has been bullied since her career has gained internet fame. Commenters hiding behind screens somewhere, spewing hate and awful words. WHY? 

Have you ever read comments on pages like EllenTv's Facebook? Or Kourtney Kardashian's instagram? (I may not be a "Keeping up with" fan, but I love Kourtneys style) - People say the most unbelievable things.  

Seriously, I CANNOT believe that people spend time doing this. First, they are "following" this page or person (why if they hate them so?). Then, they take seconds of precious life to say those things, and THEN again, when others may comment to "stick up for", they often respond with even worse comments.

I am not even going to get into the hateful blogs that racists use. That literally makes me want to vomit. (I actually wish I could vomit all over their keyboards so they can't use them anymore.)

Then there are the passive aggressive posters (most commonly found in the teen age group, so an adult should just sit with that thought for a second), posting "about"  someone else (sometimes a "friend") without really coming right out and saying it. Making other people feel awful, but "feeling ok" about it because you didn't say a name? For shame. 

Newsflash: these behaviors make you a meanie. Double F-ing newsflash: mean people suck. 

Yup I said it!

Who are you? Do you need a hug??? Has the world bullied you first? I would love to try to help you feel better, if that what it takes to stop you from being so hateful. 

I love this video from Ellen's show, where Jennifer Aniston tells a story about how she told Perez Hilton how hurtful he was being. He vowed to stop bullying after she spoke to him.



Maybe the reason cyber bullies feel ok about this behavior is they don't SEE the persons face, or the hurt in their eyes, or have to face them while doing it? Maybe they should speak their comments in a mirror before they post them, just to gauge what their words FEEL like.

Cyber-bullying makes me want to stay small and tiny in my business. I already have anxiety about people not liking what I make. This also makes me want to discourage Trace to post any Vlogs or be on any social media. What if people do that to him? 

But, I choose love and hope. I may not have this whole parenting thing down yet, but I teach my child that words matter, and we talk often about how they can be used to hurt and hate or used to lift people up, to inspire them, to heal them. 

As Ellen says, Be kind to one another.  #LoveIsLouder 

Hugs. Seriously, consider this me sending out cyber HUGS right now,



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