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Margaret Chaney

Combining a few posts because I have been a sewing maniac and therefore not blogging. Not going to bore you with 30 long posts of my here is 5 in a row of the 30 Ways I am living to my 30th Birthday!

#6 - Single Mom Syndrome- I have it! I have a hard time asking for help... I have gotten better at this, at least with people close to me. When I am feeling super stressed, if I can ask for help, it immediately relieves that pressure. I think a lot of adults have a hard time with this. Delegating can be an empowering feeling too, though! Today, I asked my mom and Trace do all the tags and tagging for my trip to Boone. It saved me an hour off my day, made them feel included, and Mama Sue's handwriting is way better than mine so everyone wins!

#7 - Ask for what you deserve-  A very brilliant business woman I once worked for,  taught me big lessons with simple challenges...First, she made me say what I wanted to be paid per hour. It was so uncomfortable for me. I was 22, and had no idea what to say. She told me that as a woman in business, I was never going to get anywhere if I couldn't say what I deserved, what I needed and what I was worth. I may not get it, but I should know what it is. (boom-mind blowing right?) 

#8 - Haters gonna hate. - one of my favorite people says this often, and as Robert would also say, he is usually right.  You can't be everyone's friend, or even their favorite...just hold your head up. Most of the time the antics will cease, and if not, their loss. Haters. 

#9- Make a point to send a kind or sweet text, a real phone call, send a card, think a happy thought, give a "sursi" to- a person EACH DAY whom you love or care about! I have been doing this as a new years resolution, and its such a wonderful way to show gratitude for your blessings. (PS a "sursi" is a tradition my Aunt Ali always did with us- A surprise for no reason!)

#10- You should definitely, always, as loud as you can, as fabulous as you are- sing and dance in your car. Especially when alone, or to embarrass your almost 12 year old son. Its a simply lovely feeling. 


Keepin' it simple,

xoxo- Mags



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