#11- The Importance of Sharing

I am sure you all are sick of my "share to wins"...ha, maybe? I always feel guilty when I do it, my biggest supporters, you all, already do so much to spread the word for me.

(Oh, and shameless plug, go follow me @magsoulsista on Instagram for the giveaway today before 5 pm! All you need to do is tag me in a pic of your MagSoul or handmade item!)

This is why I love to do custom pieces for you and send "sursi" (surprises for no reason) with your orders, because you are the reason I have gotten this far!

MagSoul has now been in business for FOUR YEARS! I love this. This is my dream, and its my job. I need my customers to be happy with their purchases and share the love in order to continue to grow. There is no other income in my home, so its go BIG or go home. 

I am really excited for this year. To add new designs, to road trip to conferences and pop up markets, to reach out to other artisans and see where 2014 will take us. So far its been pretty awesome!

Highlights being: making a scarf that was worn for a Seahawks players girlfriend to the SuperBowl (even though we are still so sad about our Broncos....I just want to hug Peyton Manning), shipping out my first TWO "Hope Bags", and just recently customizing scarves and head wraps for a woman with breast cancer (which is such an honor to do something to help a true woman warrior). THIS is why I love my job. The customers, and sharing love and hope and making pretty things. 

But that leads me back to my point- Sharing!

Social Media works in mysterious ways....well sort of! I love marketing, and have spent a lot of time playing at it. 

I will share a few of my easiest tips- which also explain the importance of your social media interactions to my success! Maybe it will inspire you to share with a friend who is starting a business, use for your own business, or make you feel even more excited to participate in my giveaways! (and like and comment on my posts haha)

As a business, the more interactions you have = the more news feeds you show up in "organically". 

1. Likes are great! Comments will get you in more news feeds, and "SHARES" and "TAGS" are the bomb. Yeah I said the bomb.

2. You need to show up in your current followers news feeds in order to stay there. You need them to "interact" with your posts in order for their friends to find you! 

3. If you don't post every day, if you lose the interactions, you miss out. Really, a business should post a few (even several) times a day.

4. Keep in mind, not everyone is on their social apps at the same time, and you are competing with everyone else your followers are interacting with. *If what you are posting is beautiful, funny, or kind, people won't get tired of you! 

5. Use pictures! Ask questions, or opinions! You may not like them all, but again, comments mean to the world to us small business owners. Post things that may not even have to do with your business, but that your audience may like to see or find funny. Hot men with beards always make me smile, so I tend to share them. 

6. Ads are great. Social Media advertising is so amazing because you can pinpoint your market precisely. It can get pricey though! I usually do a "boost" ad, to my current followers when I am sharing something new, but otherwise I try to find creative ways to get out there...

7. ....a creative way, like my "SHARE TO WIN" and "TAG TO WIN" giveaways! I have shared with this other friends and it works for them really well too!

So thanks for participating, I truly appreciate and know how important your sharing is! 

More later :)


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  • I love all the scarves I have bought for my friends and myself. I don’t do instagram, but will continue liking, sharing and emailing my friends and family when I see items they might have to have. Thank you for making great quality scarves at affordable prices.

    Renee Bridges

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