#16 - #20. Nonsense, maybe.

Margaret Chaney

Yeah, my procrastination has kicked in. But I have a good excuse I swear.....said every procrastinator, ever. 

But here are a few numbered thoughts, that are not important enough to blabber on about-  but you may find truth and/or humor in. 

#16- I have about 10 days until my 20's are over. All sorts of people are telling me how awesome your 30's are. I am super pumped about this. However, can I just say, that I believe the awesomeness is a direct result of these two things:

A. Everything physically starts, continues what it has started, or is soon going to start, CHANGING.

B. Fear is a real thing, fear of 'A" and vanity, combined with the reality that you are not even close to your 20 year old self anymore, makes you want to make all sorts of healthy changes. 

Therefore, it is obvious that your 30's will be better, because you will spend them trying to make healthier decisions to reverse (or at least halt) the damage of your 20's. At least I will


#17 - Three things I now do religiously with this impending birthday:

     1. Moisturize. Everywhere. 2. Make my bed every single day. (This is also because I have a grown up linens now. Yeah, you know what I mean don't you?) 3. Mentally  and verbally abuse myself when I forget to wash my makeup off before I fall asleep. Also, I mentally and verbally congratulate myself every single time I remember. 


#18 - Listen to my mother: Ok, so not all the time. Having your mother live with you (yes, its an important distinction) at almost 30 and single, can be hard on both of us. But she is the biggest blessing also, and I hope (think) its getting a bit easier. I truly am trying to soak up what I can, especially when she tells family stories. Those are the best. 


#19 - Speaking of family- ITS important people. Yeah, you can hear it. You can say it, you can even believe it- BUT do you practice it?

Time is fleeting. Spend time with yours. Take a trip, make a call, send a text, write a note. Mail always makes my day better. It may just be the most cherished thing someday. 


#20 - All I can think about when I see the number 20 now, is how I will no longer be one anymore. 


La vie est belle.......

xoxo Mags


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