Hope Bags.

"It's what's on the inside that counts! Fill this Hope Bag with keepsakes of hopes, dreams, wishes, memories and anything you hold dear. Hope Bags make wonderful gifts for your loved ones and their special occasions- a baby shower, brides, to remember a loved one, a friend needing inspiration or care, or for your own child to open one day. As you fill your Hope Bag, you will be reminded and inspired by whats inside. 

It's MagSoul's mission to have this #HopeProject touch hearts and inspire souls, when they need hope the most. Each bag comes with a special note from Mags and is hand numbered, so you can help us track just how much HOPE is spreading. "


Happy Tuesday my sweet soul sistas! Above is the "explanatory tag" that will accompany Hope Bags as they make their way out into the world this week.

So, I just wanted to sit down and write a little bit about my #HopeProject this morning, for all of our new followers. (P.S. Welcome and thank you!) We will do a little Why, What, How, Q&A style...


Why Hope Bags?  

It all started with my own "Hope Box". I fill it with mementos, notes, pictures, precious bits of my life to pull out and go through when I need either a reminder or a push. Sometimes I just sit with all the memories and enjoy them, sometimes I cry, but always because of the love it represents.

Well, it broke and overflowed (yup, I know, I am just that blessed!) and so I started keeping some items in a bag. Then one night, I had an idea. I have always wanted to find a way to inspire/help/remind others how wonderful they are and how awesome this journey is. 

What is a Hope Bag?

Hope bags are ivory canvas bags, with a zipper closure and an outer label that reads "THIS HOPE BELONGS TO".  We can write the name of the person or you can fill it out with a sharpie or permanent fabric marker. The linings are all different, and can be customized for the person or occasion. Also inside is a little pocket for holding tiny treasures. The special poem, written by Mags, is attached by a braided tether. (The bags measure approx 14in x 18in - handmade ! )

How can a Hope Bag be used/gifted?

The possibilities are endless. The beauty of the bag, is that it can be for an occasion or for a person. A life event or a lifetime. Fill one up, and you will need another, because you can NEVER have too much HOPE.  

Sometimes in my head, I see a teenage girl filling it up with her wishes and what she wants from life. Taking it to college, then to a new city...taking out things she doesn't need anymore (but smiling over them) and adding in new bits of her precious journey. Here are some other ideas!

  • Baby Shower: Give a Hope bag to an expecting mom - have family and shower attendees write wishes or notes to the baby and the new mom. 
  • A young person or your child: My son's journey lately has been a rough one, but we have gotten a TON of support from others. We put all of his cards and little inspirational notes into this bag! Also all of his NFL keepsakes- ticket stubs and Von Miller's sweaty glove! Someday he will look back at how many people were a part of his journey.
  • Bride/Newlyweds: There are so many bits of a brides journey that won't fit in an album- special notes, garter belts, a copy of their invitation or the ribbon from her bouquet. Imagine someday, her daughter opening it up!
  • Your BFF, spouse, aunt, cousin, sister, brother- yourself! : Just because they are special, and you want them to know it! Write them a note inside to be the first bit of Hope. 
  • In memory/honor: Life is full of good and bad. Grief and loss is the hardest journey of them all. Having a place to put the little things that you want to save, or letters that you want to write to that loved one- my wish is that it would be a healing place for your soul. A place you can sit with yourself and that special person.






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    • These are awesome girl. How do I order some?

      Elisha Percival

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