The Hustle Is Real

Margaret Chaney

I just love saying that...


I remember a time when I was fearless….I am sure I didn't think of myself that way then. (In fact in my early twenties, I suffered from a lot of anxiety and panic attacks.) But fearless, in retrospect, nonetheless.

Even when we moved here in 2011, I was not afraid. I wasn't afraid to make friends, I wasn't afraid to open a store. I wasn't afraid to live in a new place or sleep under a new roof. I knew missing home and family was a given, so I wasn't that afraid of that either.

Just a few years later I look back and think- YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN, that *shit* is scary! When we had to close the “big store” and branch into smaller existences, it got scarier. I wondered all the time, what if they stop shopping MagSoul? What if this is a bad decision? What if they can't find you?

When I started making more than just scarves myself, there were new fears... What if you shouldn't make skirts? What if something you make falls apart? What is they hate your headbands? Better double serge that….

But really, as this chapter has unfolded, we have adapted our lifestyle (more than once) and we have turned each failure into…well whatever we have made each one- and I definitely have a lot more fears than I used to!

The meaning (to me) of "The Hustle is Real" is that though there are pitfalls, changes, scary things, happy things, hard things, and really really awesome things, AND even though the road to where we want to be is still long and winding... ITS A ROAD. Its our road. 

Its very important to point out, that its a road that would not be paved without all of the people here.

The MagSoul customers from Union Square to Boone, Nashville to SC, and everywhere in between.

My parents. Oh my parents- there are no words, but their support makes me work harder every day, love you guys.

The AMAZING friends (yeah you southerners kinda stole my heart), semi professional MagSoul moving teams, fellow makers, neighbors, co workers.... every single soul in this wonderful place who has made our “cup runneth over”.

And so it is with half my heart (half will stay in the south you know), that I let you know, that we will be moving back to our hometown Montrose, CO this month. (MagSoul Sewing Studio and Shipping headquarters is getting a new zip code…but that is all. Oh and we will be staying put in Boone)

They say timing is everything, and very quickly MagSoul opportunities and family needs have made our big move “move up”. Trace has finished his first year of rehab from SEMS and will continue to grow and strengthen with his best friends, so he is over the moon.

We will still come back to NC as often as possible, especially for some of our favorite Pop Up Shops!.

Thank you for the love, the suppport, the purchases, and for continuing to follow us on this next chapter! MAGSOUL is gonna crush it. 

All my love and soul,


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  • You story goes striaght to my heart. It was an honor to me you. Your a wonderful person, I enjoy the few times we got to see each other at vintage show. I love everything I have ever bought from you cause I know you made every beautiful piece with love. Keep up the good work. Wish you and your son safe travels. Full on #magsoul rocks

    Heather Snider

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