Power and Love

Margaret Chaney

Valentines Day. I usually spend it with the kid, but he is at his dads this year. Its been quite the week around here. Its funny how one event can change your world. Strange how you will never be the same after it happens.

Then I saw this post by one of my favorite photographers, Carla Coulson, where she accepted a challenge by Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray Love) to show a photo of "power" 

Here is the challenge:

“I want you to do me a favor today.
I want you to post a picture of yourself taken at a moment when you felt like you were at your most powerful. When I look at this picture, I see a woman who is doing exactly what she wants to be doing with her life.
That’s what power means to me.
In fact, that’s the ONLY thing power means to me.
Power doesn’t have to be fierce. It doesn’t have to be aggressive or combative or cocky. It doesn’t have to tear anything down. It doesn’t have to be in your face. It doesn’t have to be a moment of fist-pumping victory. It doesn’t have to be expensive or monumental. It doesn’t have to make the world explode.
Generally speaking, the deepest kind of power doesn’t have much to do with anyone else at all. Nothing to do with status, nothing to do with reputation, nothing to do with winning. Because you can achieve all that stuff (status, reputation, victory) and still feel lost as hell. No, true power comes from standing in your own truth and walking on your own path. That’s it.
When you are operating from that place (standing in your truth; walking on your path) you are the mightiest thing that has ever lived. Nothing can harm you.”

So here, soul sistas, is my powerful photo. 

And let me tell you, I felt lost as hell here. And for a long time afterwards. Still do, a lot of days. This journey, Trace and I have been on, has not been easy.  But it is our own. Its always been the two of us. 

This photo, now means to me: POWER and LOVE. My sister Lins, Trace and I, post op, on the roof of Brenners Childrens Hospital, getting some sunshine. He was not happy. He was in pain. He wasn't happy we moved him, all gaping huge incisions. He was not stoked to go outside. Our smiles were not his smiles. Our efforts to cheer his immense pain may show in our smiles, but not on his face. Dude, was not, as they say, Stoked.

As it is with so many of life's struggles.... Those days were pain. They were agony. They were months in the making and are still months in the rehabbing. BUT they were a family supporting each other and loving each other.

And guess what? Love wins. Always. 

So its Valentines Day. And this is LOVE. A mothers love, a sisters love, an aunts love, a sons love, a family love, a broken down and cut open surgical love, a moment-of-peace love, a we-have-to-go-back-inside-soon love. 

All the kinds of love that life is giving you today----take it. Receive it with an open heart. Be grateful for your love, your struggle, your power. Your heart is powerful. And dont forget or be afraid to give it right back. Give it today and everyday.

All my love and power, and light, xoxoxo Mags

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