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Recently, on social media, I have been sharing some snaps of my son Trace's training to walk in the Centennial Middle School "Braves Run" on April 18th.

So here's the story:

When he was walking to an assembly on the run, he mentioned to a friend that he wasn't sure why he was going, since "he couldn't do it". This friend, encouraged him anyways, and told him "why not, you should just do it". So he came home that night resolved to "just do it", and the 23 days of training began the next day. 

In addition to the funds for sponsorship that Centennial Middle School needs, we are also hoping to raise extra funds and awareness for the Cait Haynes Memorial Fund established at Wells Fargo Bank.  Cait passed away in her home on March 24th. This message is from her family.

“We want you to know that Cait was a very sweet, kind, tender young lady who radiated love. She defined the word compassion. The bullying began 4 years ago when Cait started attending public schools. There wasn’t a day that went by that she wasn’t teased, put down, or belittled. With her gentle spirit, she didn’t know how to respond to this cruel treatment. Eventually she fell into a deep pit of depression which took a toll on her body, and she felt there was no way out. We hope that the individuals that took part in the eventual demise of our daughter will take responsibility by just changing their behavior. Chronic bullying causes depression. You need to think before you act. This plea includes those individuals who normally stand by and watch this happen. Don't turn a deaf ear. We encourage you to do the right thing. Dig deep and stand up. We appreciate the outpouring of love by so many she will be deeply missed.”

The reason is simple: Trace's friends words in lifting him up and encouraging him to do the very thing he thought he "couldn't",  is the exact kind of behavior our schools need.  In any small way we can, Trace and I want to help Cait's parents achieve an end to bullying in our schools and promote kindness and love in her honor. 

Many family, friends and my lovely customers, have expressed an interest in sponsoring his 5K walk- here are some ways you can!

1. This link on my website allows you to donate in $10 increments (and includes a $.42 cent transaction fee) . 

2. Mail a check made out to "CMS" (Centennial Middle School) or to "Cait Haynes Memorial Fund" to us at: 1112 S. 11th St. Montrose, CO 81401.

3. Walk with us! All ages are welcome at the race - $20 pre race registration, and $25 day of- email me if you would like a registration sheet!

Also, several people will be walking "virtually" at 9 am on 4.18, please email me if you plan to walk virtually, and please take pics!

Why is this 5K a big deal for Trace?

Trace, was born 2 months premature and at 2 yrs old was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia, which is a form of Cerebral Palsy. He is in the final stages of a 2 year rehab from "SEMS Surgery", a major orthopedic operation involving several incisions and procedures performed all at once from his hips to his ankles. (Basically, they cut and lengthened and bolted and screwed everything into place, or a new place) 

We are hoping to not only raise funds fro Trace's middle school and for Cait's Memorial fund, especially as a child with special needs in a world where bullying is rampant for so many children. But also, that the added benefit of this training and endurance building will be the strength to the final stage- a transition from his arm crutches!

Here are some snaps spanning from waking up Post op --- all the way up to 1 yr Post op, walking into Brenners Childrens Hospital, with handmade flowers for the kids and nurses in surgical wing. 


Here are a few snaps of training so far- Trace has been doing nightly walks and is now up 1.8 miles. He is 12 days in, with 11 to go!




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