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Margaret Chaney

Hello All,

It has been an eventful few months at our house! Some of you may have seen on FB, Instagram etc, that MagSoul now features my own clothing as well. Skirts kicked off with a great response in Charlotte, and will be in Boone and HKY this week. This has been a long time in the "making" and I am really excited for this new chapter in my life. It is a challenging one, but I enjoy every minute I am sewing, playing with fabrics and finishing the pieces (the ones that go right!)

My goal now is simple, to make whatever I dream up out of the comfy and fun fabrics I find. I may make just 1 or I may make 30 but the focus will remain consistent: easy to wear waistbands that don't cut in, keeping with trends but with classic style elements, and pieces that fit WOMEN. 

The bigger news is the surgeons finally scheduled Trace's "single event multi level" surgery and it will happen next week on Tuesday 7.30. Its a bittersweet finally, even though we have been working towards this for years, and Trace has been working hard at prehab, it is a very intense, emotional time! (I posted on FB yesterday "Someone needs to make me a cautionary sign to wear "emotional hazard:don't poke the mama bear" which my friend Kerri replied, "you are the one that we get to make the signs" hahaha)

Some of you have asked for a little more info about the surgery so here is the general layout.

Trace's mobility has been drastically decreasing over the last year and a half, due to the normal growth of a child. However with his "spasticity", he grows but the muscles and tone do not get any looser. His kneecaps are currently dislocated about an inch and a half above where there should be. The overall mechanics from the waist down are out of sync, but the knees are the most painful part. In this "SEMS" they will: transfer the tendons from the inside of the arch of the feet to the outside, cut and lengthen the calf muscles and tendons, put botox around the knee, shorten his femurs by a half inch, cut and lengthen in the quads, hip flexors and turn out the femurs from the hip bone. He will be in a wheelchair for 6 weeks then 9 months before we get to where we can see the results. My boss's husband, Dr. Locke, says "This is a LOT of surgery". The full rehab will take 15-24 months to regain the mobility he once had, as well as keep him inline as he grows. 

It definitely is A LOT Of SURGERY, but they do it this way with kids for a reason. We came to NC for this hospital and these docs so we are in good hands. We know when we look around us at Brenners Childrens, that so many have it so much worse.

So I will continue to be so thankful for your prayers and support, and also ask that when you are thinking of us, you also say a prayer for the other children at our hospital too, and the physicians caring for them all. 

I will always be grateful for the care you all have given us, I know how many of you ask when you are in the shop, or see someone we know and it is such a gift. We will be well taken care of here in NC by my parents, siblings that are flying in, friends, and a wonderful church & work family.

So blessed by each of you, as customers and as supporters,during this time.

xoxo Mags



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