November- A thankful state of consciousness November 04 2013

So the last few days I have been thinking, as I watched my social media friends posts for each day of thanks, that I should do the same. This coincides with the 2 year anniversary of my being in North Carolina. Wow, really two years? The first went by so fast, and the second so slow. And then I thought, "Crap, I am already on day 4, and what are the chances I will post each day?!". Lazy? Probably. (Overwhelmed--um always!) But seeing as I was on my new morning hour walk, I felt justified in my lack of lazy, and I came up with a new plan. I will spend my month in a "thankful state of consciousness".  

(Sounds very zen does it not?)

What does this mean? I don't know but it sounded good. Haha. Really though, I think it means trying to be conscious of my shortcomings while I count my blessings. 

The thing is, I have heard so many times that it takes leaving/losing the things you had to be thankful/appreciate them. I do not subscribe to that theory. Oh, I know I take them for granted sometimes. (oh how I wish I could ride my pink beach cruiser to a haven of support and love on my sisters porch with my best friends)  But I was thankful for what I had at home in Montrose and I give thanks for what I have now. A life full of family and friends whom I know and support, love, and adore, and vice versa.

This does NOT mean I don't feel sad, stressed out or alone sometimes. This does not mean I do not feel the loss of loved ones and life's hard times, or the ache for someone you miss with all your heart, or the weight of a burden so huge your soul aches.

I truly believe that we all try to be thankful. What other reason do we have for getting up and going each day, if it is not in appreciation of what we have? So give yourself a thankful pat on the back too. 

For waking up and putting on those big girl panties! For taking a shower and wearing deodorant, for loving, for fighting, for giving, for home cooked meals and taken out trash. For bandaging wounds and insults, for road rage, for fighting with teenagers and parents, for biting your tongue or losing your s%!@, for working a job you don't love, for cleaning up vomit and for putting the toilet seat down. (or in

my case, trying to just teach him to aim IN the toilet)...


These daily actions we make for this road called life, are the thanks we can give for our blessings. These thanks can make a difference no matter what shortcomings we are feeling or challenges we are facing.

So, Good job you, you ROCK, you are a great human being! You are full of thanks and love. Keep up the good work. 

Namaste or something. ;)


(and so begins my conscious road of November thanks)