You have as Many Hours in a Day as Beyonce

Margaret Chaney

My niece Alina posted a pic of this quote in her instagram awhile back, and I laughed out loud (I am NOT an Lol'er, so let's just insert some hahahahaha). Then I didn't think about it again. 

Until today. 

(Being conscious is a tricky task)

I was shopping for some display pieces for Vintage Charlotte Market (on Nov. 16th at The Fillmore in Charlotte-   - #shameless plug) and came across this book. 

"7:How many days of the week can be extraordinary?" by Annie Dillard. 

I picked it up, started to read and knew this book was speaking to my soul. 

One excerpt I want to share today is from a woman on her 95th birthday. In the book they just call her "Catherine"

She says that life's pace was quick while raising her family, working etc. and went by in a blur, then around 70 it slowed down.

"I made a conscious decision to live those years one day at a time. It dawned on me that life is short, but the days are long if you are conscious of them. The secret is this, and please don't wait until it is too late to learn it: LIVE CONSCIOUSLY. Treat each day as if its a miniature lifetime. In this way I have learned to get more out of one day than I used to get out of entire years. "


So I am making the conscious decision to live my full day today. (After all, I can get a lot done--- I have just as many hours as Beyonce does!)

And the key to living my full day? (even though "nothing big" happened, its just a usual Wednesday) 

Being conscious of the moments that made it up. 

Here are a few I cherish from today. What are Yours?

Trace's laugh startling me, as we sit in silence. He is listening to videos with his headphones on./Listening to my mom and Trace do his homeschool work. /Walking my dog in the sunlight listening to Awake my Soul. (how cheesy perfect is that?)/Striking up a conversation with a stranger to find out she was also a handmade artisan./Seeing cute babies on instagram/Snapchats from my friend Liz./Planning my display for Vintage Charlotte Market./Sewing something for my sisters, missing each one. 




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