Like a Lady Boss.

Margaret Chaney

Soul sistas, lets catch up. It has been forever... As I resume writing for this blog, I took time to reflect on old posts and look forward to writing from my heart and soul again.

"Like A Lady Boss"  - what does it sound like to you? Who is the first lady you think about?

For me, these words are a continuing mantra in life. I say it to my friends to celebrate their lives with them. I say it to my nieces because I hope they carry that lady power with them as they are becoming adults. I know my sisters are lady bosses, and I love them fiercely. I share it with my vendor friends when we have been on our feet for hours, going through a storm. I say it to myself for strength, I look at my special journal with the saying that my friend Liz made for me, reminding me, I am surrounded by wonderful women and friends. When I hear the words, I also think of the amazing women, my mom and my aunts, who have brought me up to take chances and know that I am enough. I say it a lot.

What does it mean to me?  Lady Bossing means to take each role in my life, with all the triumphs and struggles, the sum of which are found deep in my soul -  AND GROW with strength and love - the best that I can.  With change, I will learn more about myself. With hard work, I can reach my goals.  With my family I can show love and be loved. 

To ask, am I being the best version of myself?

The possibilities are really limitless - be a girl boss, be a mom boss, be a straight up boss, a working boss, a wife boss, boss it up like a gangsta. Do you.

This past spring, I struggled hard. I had everything I ever wanted - thriving business, a wonderful kid, Man of my dreams and 3 lovely stepkids. Just none is the same place.

Ups and downs were extreme. Moving to Georgia, stress, depression and physical illness, along with the long road of my leg rehab, took me out of the game.

I had to find my Lady Boss again. To find a better version of myself for my family. A very hard road was in front of me. I had much to be thankful for, but couldn't see it. It took time and lots of therapy to get back to myself, to know that Lady Boss again. (More on that later). How important it was to my soul, then, for me to again reach out to other women who need to need reminding!  A true Lady Boss lifts others up. In giving of ourselves, we find more joy and strength.

"It takes courage to be vulnerable" - Lady K.

The easiest way to shore up your Lady Boss self is to remember who you are and trust what you have to give to this big beautiful world.

Hey you, its Mags. You are beautiful. Has anyone told you that today? I hope that hear me. You are honestly beautiful. Nice butt too!

You are a lady boss. So am I. Its very simple. Its very true.

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with the addition of posts from wonderful women out there...

Xoxo - Mags



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