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30 Ways to 30- #1

Margaret Chaney

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So I have entered the last two months of my 20's.  I am pretty stoked. I have always wanted to do whatever my sisters do, and they have all been 30. Well not Kara, she is still 29, so it will be sad to not be the same age as her anymore.   In the spirit of a new decade, I am issuing myself a challenge:  to write 30 Blogs on the Ways I am "getting to" 30 years old. # 1 is a goal - BLOG MORE, PROCRASTINATE LESS... Its pretty bad. I have been wanting to write this blog post...

November- A thankful state of consciousness

Margaret Chaney

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So the last few days I have been thinking, as I watched my social media friends posts for each day of thanks, that I should do the same. This coincides with the 2 year anniversary of my being in North Carolina. Wow, really two years? The first went by so fast, and the second so slow. And then I thought, "Crap, I am already on day 4, and what are the chances I will post each day?!". Lazy? Probably. (Overwhelmed--um always!) But seeing as I was on my new morning hour walk, I felt justified in my lack of lazy,...