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Margaret Chaney

Combining a few posts because I have been a sewing maniac and therefore not blogging. Not going to bore you with 30 long posts of my here is 5 in a row of the 30 Ways I am living to my 30th Birthday! #6 - Single Mom Syndrome- I have it! I have a hard time asking for help... I have gotten better at this, at least with people close to me. When I am feeling super stressed, if I can ask for help, it immediately relieves that pressure. I think a lot of adults have a hard time...


Margaret Chaney

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So a couple posts ago, I gave you all a little spoiler that I am working on something new. Its really different, and its just a side project. I will still keep making scarves and skirts etc.  I have always wanted to find a way to share love and hope.  Several years ago, I started a "hope box" based on the traditions I read about trousseaus and the like. I am a very visual person, so I like to take it out every once in awhile, and take a walk down memory lane, or get inspired, or laugh out loud....

#4 - 3 Life Changing Tips

Margaret Chaney

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It goes hand in hand with getting older, that you realize how wise others are, and that "yes, please!", you would like their advice!  Here are my favorite practical tips: 1. "Drink 2 glasses of water right when you wake up!" - my friend Jeremy Boone tweets this reminder daily, and I finally started listening. It has made a huge difference in how I feel in the morning, and also gets me to drink more water throughout the day. I now keep a 750 ml glass water bottle on my night stand so I can chug it as soon as...

# 3 - NO GPS (and a spoiler alert for MagSoul!)

When was the last time you used a paper map? I always use my phone GPS, just google it, click "directions to here" and Siri will do the rest!  Ever asked Siri for direction with a personal life map? Should I ------, Siri?   Yeah she won't help. This leads me to a new project at MagSoul. I am so excited to unveil it. It revolves around a tradition I started, then my sister and then we have passed on to others...My "HOPE BOX"   So the other night I pulled mine out- its full of wishes, and dreams, trinkets and...

The Battle.... # 2 of 30.

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The #2 on my way to 30 is admitting a real mom thought out loud to this big bad world:  I am scared I am going to mess my kid up. (I think we all think this, so this is not a pity party, but instead a hopeful shot in the dark that I am not alone here) For about 6 weeks now, Trace's recovery has been in this weird stagnant place- a limbo, if you will. Rehab purgatory!  The total is supposed to be 9 mos-2 yrs so this shouldn't be a surprise.  He can stand, he can take...