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November- A thankful state of consciousness

Margaret Chaney

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So the last few days I have been thinking, as I watched my social media friends posts for each day of thanks, that I should do the same. This coincides with the 2 year anniversary of my being in North Carolina. Wow, really two years? The first went by so fast, and the second so slow. And then I thought, "Crap, I am already on day 4, and what are the chances I will post each day?!". Lazy? Probably. (Overwhelmed--um always!) But seeing as I was on my new morning hour walk, I felt justified in my lack of lazy,...

A little news from Mags

Margaret Chaney

Hello All, It has been an eventful few months at our house! Some of you may have seen on FB, Instagram etc, that MagSoul now features my own clothing as well. Skirts kicked off with a great response in Charlotte, and will be in Boone and HKY this week. This has been a long time in the "making" and I am really excited for this new chapter in my life. It is a challenging one, but I enjoy every minute I am sewing, playing with fabrics and finishing the pieces (the ones that go right!) My goal now is simple,...

A story about Change...Pun intended!

Margaret Chaney

  I’m sharing some personal thoughts today. Bear with me. I have a point I swear… We are prepping for Trace’s “Single Event Multi Level” surgery in the next several weeks. Essentially they will go in from his hips to his ankles, cutting and lengthening tendons, realligning hips, femur and ankles bones to be in proper order. Its a 12 week intense recovery so several transitions need to be made to accomodate the care Trace will need. It has been difficult for us to adjust to the struggles Trace has been having. His CP has progressed with growth and he is...