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KnotTwisted Headband Tutorial - Video!

Hey Soul Sistas! I have been wanting to make a video for awhile now to show y'all how to put on the KnotTwisted Headband so that it fits and stays put. This is what I love about markets and festivals, getting to SHOW everyone how to wear it, why is works and fits, and why its for "the girl who can't wear headbands"... Well you will have to excuse my lack of youtube skills, being a one woman show and all...but I decided it was better to show my customers now than wait any longer to have the right "budget" or...

Get to know our #KnotTwisted Headband

Its our completely original design, neither a Knot nor a Twist- just simply a great fitting headband, that will quickly become your new favorite go to hair accessory.  My favorite customer is the one who says to me at pop up markets and festivals - "I can't wear headbands, they always slip off my head" - Come on over sista. Let me show you how ours work!  The trick is definitely in the design- its a single layer band, and you need it flat for styling at first. Then you work and scrunch the band into place, without having it...

#KnotTwisted Instructions!

Margaret Chaney

The Tips and Tricks...for our Knot Twisted Headbands

Margaret Chaney

I hear it every show- "I always want to wear these but- A. They never look right on me or B. They hurt my head or C.They never stay on my head   And that is exactly when, at shows and festivals, we say, then you HAVE to try on one of these!  My Knot-Twisted Headbands are not so different from a lot of "turban style" headbands you see out there... except, they are. Because the next thing I LOVE to hear from those same customers, is how much they LOVE the MagSoul bands.  The Trick: I use seriously soft and...

Introducing....My X.

My X Tank! I have been working and reworking this design, and finally we are ready to share it with you all. As always, its my goal to make you things that: 1. Fit as good as they feel. 2. Flatter every figure. 3. Are things I would, and do, love to wear.  This is a style staple of mine. I wear extra long tanks most days of the week... I like them to be long, lean, and oh so stylish.   So here it is... Its kind of a "long story"...  but what X story isn't ? !  "My...

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