#12 Why I Love Scarves

Margaret Chaney

When my love affair with fashion began, I would mostly just buy scarves....really because it was all I could afford as a young single mom. Oh and earrings, loved the earrings! 

But also because, it was the easiest way to dress up the things I already owned (and quickly!) I felt confident in these choices, whereas other "super trends" made me a little wary. "How can my tiny shopping budget last the longest and still look great?"


More reasons I love scarves:

Scarves have lasting power in your wardrobe! 

Scarves rarely have to be washed

Scarves keep you warm

Scarves can be worn year round

Scarves can be worn at any and all ages

Scarves can double as turbans or head wraps 

Scarves say "I am trendy, chic and fashionable" without even trying!


MagSoul's style is to combine prints and solid colors whenever it works- I feel like this fits my personal style, as well as looks amazing! Sometimes "too much print" is just TOO MUCH. I love to combine the two so you can twist your scarf to show more of what works for that day...PRESTO even MORE wardrobe value! 

Also, I love NOT matching. :) I love to mix colors and combos in a way that, of course, I think matches. However it may not be the same ol' same ol'. I believe my best fashion talent is how to put looks and colors together, so I am bringing this out in my scarves


Why I love cowl necks! 

Pull over once and you are good to go! When you don't want a lot of "bulk" around your neck, but want it close to you, the cowl is great. 


Why I love infinity scarves!

No tying necessary. Looks perfect all the time! Wear it long when you want to hide your middle, or accidentally spill something! Twist it or tie it in a knot ! Double it and pull up your hair, put on your big sunglasses and a tee shirt, you look ah-mazing! 

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