#21- Sweatshirt Love!

Margaret Chaney

OMG I am in love with this sweatshirt trend. I just got the cutest raised floral, in two shades of grey by Jack. I have worn it three days in a row.

I love feeling stylish AND comfortable, and that my sistas, is exactly what this trend is all about. 

*Normally a trend like this wouldn't look good on me, because of my chest, but I found a more narrow cut through the waist and hips, which I think is important to highlight. 

Not to mention, they look fantastic with long tanks and leggings, which are two of my other Style Staples for Spring Transition.

 Just remember, don't over do it by getting one that will drown out your shape. If you do have an over-sized style sweatshirt, wear it with something tighter on the bottom, i.e. leggings, a pencil or mini skirt, skinny jeans....

Here are a few Ways to Wear it that I loved: 

This makes me think of my birthday skirt!

Urban Outfitters has a wide variety of styles...but I recommend checking out ways to wear it and Shopping Local of course. I just loved this summer look:




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