The Tips and Tricks...for our Knot Twisted Headbands

Margaret Chaney

I hear it every show- "I always want to wear these but-

A. They never look right on me or

B. They hurt my head or

C.They never stay on my head  

And that is exactly when, at shows and festivals, we say, then you HAVE to try on one of these! 

My Knot-Twisted Headbands are not so different from a lot of "turban style" headbands you see out there...

except, they are. Because the next thing I LOVE to hear from those same customers, is how much they LOVE the MagSoul bands. 

The Trick: I use seriously soft and thin knits with great stretch- and also great recovery. 

My design is one sided, for less tension, easy anchoring, and so it isn't too bulky on your head. This is the key to how it fits!

And you can WASH and DRY them to perk right back up or after you sweat in them!  

So HOW to wear it?????
  • First, pull the band on your head. I try to keep its shape in tact while doing this, but you do not have too. Once on - your want to separate the top and bottom edges. By separating the edges of the band- (on the wide portion) you immediately release the extra tension.

  • Next- placement of the wide side.   By placing the "bottom edge" below the curve of the back of your head (or just above the nape of your neck) you are "anchoring" it in.

  • Placing the knot: You can wear this band with the knot in front, or in the back. I like to wear mine with the wide side forward for working out. And with the knot in front, slightly off center of forehead, when wearing it for style and daily outfits.
  • Styling! You can wear it under your hair, or over your boho chic style. To stop your hair if it "poofs" up, you just pull the strands down, after the band is in place.    


Here are some more style samples! 



As always, don't be afraid to ask for extra help! 

xoxo Mags 




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