Introducing....My X. May 31 2014

My X Tank! I have been working and reworking this design, and finally we are ready to share it with you all.

As always, its my goal to make you things that:

1. Fit as good as they feel. 2. Flatter every figure. 3. Are things I would, and do, love to wear. 

This is a style staple of mine. I wear extra long tanks most days of the week... I like them to be long, lean, and oh so stylish.


So here it is... Its kind of a "long story"...  but what X story isn't ? ! 

"My X Tank", is a super long, fitted tank from stretchy knit jersey. (And a little loose around the middle...)


Its a bit "raw and edgy" and its seams are anchored with hand stitched "X's for durable strength. 

Its the one that is so hard to find... The one you can't forget. The one you won't let get away twice...


The tank looks simple enough on the outside...but its layers are complex!

Wear it over your leggings. Finally a perfect match for the top you have been dying to layer with. 

Wear it over your skinny jeans, for that color block style, that provides you with the perfect lines to your outfit. 

Here I am actually wearing 2 of them! Mint under black, with my new favorite super soft Chambray, and a simple long necklace. The easiest style ever! 


Wear it under a dress that is a bit too short..



Wear it as a top, by bunching it up a bit, and maybe a little side tuck...


The possibilities are endless....but really, don't spend too much time thinking about it...its really not that complicated. Its your new favorite style staple. And it just is.

And its totally about "you, not him"... 


Black, Grey, Mint and Silver will be online tomorrow!!! 


xoxoxo - Mags