Ways To Wear It

#21- Sweatshirt Love!

Margaret Chaney

OMG I am in love with this sweatshirt trend. I just got the cutest raised floral, in two shades of grey by Jack. I have worn it three days in a row. I love feeling stylish AND comfortable, and that my sistas, is exactly what this trend is all about.  *Normally a trend like this wouldn't look good on me, because of my chest, but I found a more narrow cut through the waist and hips, which I think is important to highlight.  Not to mention, they look fantastic with long tanks and leggings, which are two of my other...

Lucky #13

Margaret Chaney

The last couple weeks have been full of big and busy decisions at MagSoul- I am so excited about all of it. The funnest part is that I "hired" my best friend, Jules to help me manage some social media, PR and research. This frees me up to sew more! So she has been sending me lots of emails with things I have to do, and answers I need to give.  I wanted to share one of the Q&A bits of an email with you,  because I love you, and you are all so vital to MagSoul moving forward...  And...

#12 Why I Love Scarves

Margaret Chaney

When my love affair with fashion began, I would mostly just buy scarves....really because it was all I could afford as a young single mom. Oh and earrings, loved the earrings!  But also because, it was the easiest way to dress up the things I already owned (and quickly!) I felt confident in these choices, whereas other "super trends" made me a little wary. "How can my tiny shopping budget last the longest and still look great?" SCARVES! More reasons I love scarves: Scarves have lasting power in your wardrobe!  Scarves rarely have to be washed Scarves keep you warm...

Customize It

Margaret Chaney

Hey All! Wanted to provide a little more info about my custom scarves!  The first one I made was for my aunt. I made it color blocking in a piece of a hand embroidered table cloth my Grandmother made. It turned out like an anthropology dream, olive green with white inset. The white had greens and yellows hand threaded into flowers by my grandmother. This year, I made one for Aunt Ali's friend whose mother had recently passed away, using the mother's favorite shirt. Now Eva has something she can wear to feel close to her mother.   This started...

What I love for Summer

Margaret Chaney

Ooooh my fave way to wear summer fashions this year??? MIXING ! Stripes and floral, aztec and floral, plaid and polka. Mixing prints and palettes is all the rage....check out some of my fave looks. Keep in mind my favorite rule for mixing- one statement solid makes it work, either a statement necklace, a solid bold bag, a long layering cami in solid (which also can slim!).... Its FUN, FLIRTY, and also combines your classic pieces you already have in the closet, try a bubble necklace if you haven't yet!   Get creative, and use tight versus flow - meaning,...

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