KnotTwisted Headband - Red Tie Dye

$7.00 $12.00

The "Red Tie Dye"  is a fun summer tie dye of red on a soft white jersey knit. This KnotTwisted headband is a Mags favorite we just released for summer! 

Why KnotTwisted? Because Mags makes them differently. Her original construction design is neither a knot or a twist. Its a single layer, single seam band that works on the stretch and recovery of the knits she uses. The band is anchored with the edges and "knot" to stay put and not hurt. Each #KnotTwisted is handmade by Mags and double-serged to last.

  • Perfect for workouts, skiing, yoga, the beach, cold weather...any way you want to wear it!
  • Wear it with the knot or the wide side forward, new prints and colors are uploaded often.
  • Dont worry about stretching it out or sweating in it- you can just throw it in the washer/dryer to perk right back up. 
  • Be sure to check the instructions, it will make the fit so much better!

Watch Mags' personal instructions here: 


Each KnotTwisted Headband is also shipped with an instruction card.


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